10 Great Thanksgiving Decorations for Your Home

Dated: 10/31/2019

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Thanksgiving is a great time to reunite with the family and catch up on everybody's lives over sumptuous turkey and homemade pies. Here are ten types of decors you can adorn your home with to match the festive mood.

(Image: Uncommon Designs)

1. A Gratitude Quote Poster - Greet guests with a short quote on gratitude to warm their hearts as they enter your home.

(Image: Decoist)

2. An Outdoor Lawn Setup - Set your dining table on your lawn, surrounded by orange and yellow foliage.

(Image: Pixabay)

3. Outdoor String Lights - Use string lights to brighten up your feast.

(Image: My Garden Life)

4. Apple Candle Holders - Use green apples as unique candle holders - and conversation starters.

(Image: Country Living)

5. A Hand-painted Pumpkin Menu - Write the menu on a large pumpkin using white, green, or brown paint.

6. A Handmade Cornucopia - Buy an empty Cornucopia from the grocery store, stuff with flowers made of used fabric, and use as the table centerpiece.

(Image: Good Housekeeping)

7. Metallic Maize - Coat dried corn cobs with gold and bronze spray paint and use to complement your centerpiece.

(Image: Country Living)

8. Smaller Gourds - An alternative to dried corn cobs are smaller gourds.

(Image: Homedit)

9. Fruit name cards - Place a name card atop an apple or a pear on family members' respective plates.

10. Leaf-shaped plates - Use leaf-shaped plates in yellow, red, or light brown.

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