20 Home-Selling Tips for the Year 2020

Dated: 12/30/2019

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Are you planning to welcome the new decade by selling your home? Here are 20 tips for selling your home this 2020.

1. Sell at the right time.

You can sell during spring or summer, when most people are looking to buy new homes. Or you can opt to hold off until winter, when buyers who are most determined and need are willing to negotiate to buy your home.

2. What makes your home unique?

Most people look for the basics: the right number of bathrooms, bedrooms, a kitchen, and a garage. Beyond that, think of what else makes your property attractive. Does it have a refurbished insulation system? Does it have a cool basement where teenagers can hang out?

3. Price your property reasonably.

Before listing your property, find out how properties around town are priced. You can do this by getting a knowledgeable and helpful real estate agent.

4. Give timely responses to inquiries and purchase offers.

This will show prospect buyers how respondent and cooperative you are as a seller, and make them want to buy your property all the more.

5. Offer financing options.

There are a lot of financing options available. Get a real estate agent to help you explain what options are available to your would-be buyer.

6. Offer value-added services.

Part of the deal is making the deal look more attractive than others, like offering to pay closing costs or presenting various mortgage options.

7. Declutter.

Decluttering will not only free up space but make your home look warmer, friendlier, and brighter.

8. Repair and repaint.

Take care of the small stuff like faulty wiring, pipe leaks, and stains on your wall to increase your property's value. You can also have it repainted so it'll look good as new.

9. Invest in valuable features.

Go the extra mile and invest in putting up new features that will add great value to your home like a kitchen counter, a swimming pool, extra insulation, and ventilation systems in your bathrooms.

10. Add beautiful lighting.

Lighting up your home will add appeal to your property. You can do this by installing new and efficient high wattage bulbs, cleaning windows, clearing clutter, and trimming down plants outside your window.

11. Upgrade your kitchen as well.

Food is an essential part of life, and so is its preparation. That's why it's important to make your kitchen look homely and enjoyable to stay in. Renovate your kitchen by buying new cabinet hardware and replacing old appliances with snazzy new ones.

12. Give prospect buyers a good impression.

Make a dashing first impression by manicuring your lawn, cutting plants, and painting your front porch

13. Check your home for bad odors and health hazards.

Odors and hazards are major turn offs to would-be buyers. Disinfect your home and have it checked for asbestos, radon, and lead-based paint.

14. Don't make it look too personal.

Prior to moving out, you can already take down any photos or memorabilia to make your home look professional for showings. 

15. Get your pets out of the way.

Having pets around can distract prospect buyers, whether in a good way or bad. It's better to keep them out of the way during showings.

16. Stage your home professionally.

Stage your home professionally to create a strong and appealing impression to prospect buyers. Not sure how to do it? Hire a professional home stager.

17. Take professional photographs.

Get a professional photographer to take photographs that will make your property look attractive and inviting on listing websites.

18. Provide drinks and snacks.

Be a hospitable seller. Offer drinks and finger food that prospect buyers could munch on while viewing. 

19. Be flexible with home viewing schedules.

Different buyers have different schedules. Be flexible and willing to reschedule if your prospect needs to. 

20. Find the Right Real Estate Agent.

Working with the right real estate agent will help you sell your listing faster. He or she should know what the market trends are, how to strategize to help you make the sale and present your home to would-be buyers. Your agent should also be willing to advertise on all marketing platforms.

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20 Home-Selling Tips for the Year 2020

Are you planning to welcome the new decade by selling your home? Here are 20 tips for selling your home this 2020.1. Sell at the right time.You can sell during spring or summer, when most people are

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