Eight Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Real Estate Agent

Dated: 01/28/2020

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Is hiring a real estate agent worth it? Here are eight reasons why we recommend hiring a real estate agent rather than going through the home selling or buying process alone.

They possess the knowledge and experience you'll need on your real estate journey.


Real estate agents have the knowledge and expertise you need for the home selling or buying process. They are up to date with buying and selling trends, market conditions, and have extensive knowledge of the neighborhoods they are handling. They can guide you through many processes, including house hunting, pricing, negotiating, finding service providers, filling up paperwork and closing the deal. Having an agent will help make your real estate journey easier and stress-free.


Hiring a real estate agent will save you time, energy, and finances.


Going the FSBO route (For Sale by Owner), will not save you resources and earn you more money. Selling a property requires shelling out an extra fee just to have your home listed on the multiple listing service (MLS). Because you don't have information on prices, you'll end up overpricing or underpricing your property. You also need to spend on advertising or marketing your property, making appointments with prospective buyers, and signing all the required paperwork. These are just a few things that real estate agents can help you with.


This also applies to buyers. Real estate agents have proprietary information on properties that you would benefit from as a buyer. They will also protect you from being taken advantage of by sellers.


They also have connections to the best service providers.


Real estate agents rely on other professionals to help their clients sell their home or buy one, such as escrow agents, home and title insurance companies, lenders, lead and radon inspectors, just to name a few.


Negotiating is easier with a real estate agent around.


Negotiating is both a science and an art, so you need someone who can help you with that. A real estate agent has years or months under his or her sleeve and can objectively tell you which deals are fair, and which are lowball.


Buyer's and listing agents usually work together so that their clients get the best deal.


They can help you arrive at a fair price that's up to market standards.


Real estate agents go through certain processes and formulas to help you determine how much you should sell your home, so you'll qualify for the MLS and help you market your property to a bigger audience. 


Real estate agents can help you advertise your home.


With real estate agents, you don't need to spend a dime on advertising. They'll put up your property on the MLS and advertise it on their agency's website and social media accounts. Part of marketing or advertising your home is holding home showings. 


Agents can also help buyers find the best properties by looking at what listings are advertised or marketed online.


They are legally bound to clients.


Real estate agents have licensed professionals who are bound by state law to a fiduciary duty, as well as strict codes of ethics and confidentiality. By law, they have to be honest and act in your best interest.


Dishonest agents suffer from grave consequences. Buyers or sellers who feel they may have been duped by their agent can file a complaint with the agency, the local real estate agent association, or even go to court. 


Real estate agents help you accomplish the necessary paperwork in due time.


Buying or selling a property involves a lot of paperwork. A real estate agent can guide you through perusing and understanding contracts and filling up paperwork correctly. Hiring one can help you avoid committing certain mistakes that have legal and monetary repercussions.

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