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Properly sealing your home and preventing air leaks is key to keeping your home warm toasty this coming winter and your utility bills low. However, this wouldn't be possible without knowing how to check your home for air leaks. 

Check your home for air leaks by following these top tips.


Do an air pressure test. 

Check for air leaks using the classic incense stick trick. Begin by closing all doors, windows, and vents and turning off exhaust fans. Then, light an incense stick and hold it near the edges of doors, windows, and vents. If the smoke goes into or blows away from an opening, you've found a leak.


Inspect doors and windows. 

You can also try tapping on your window frames to check for air leaks. If your window frames rattle, then that means there are gaps along its edges. Cracks on doors, window panes, window frames, or loose screws can cause air to come in.

Check door hinges and thresholds. 

Weatherstripping can deteriorate door hinges and thresholds, cause them to crack, and allow air to pass through. 


Remember to check your skylights and roofing.

Inspecting skylights require skill and safety precautions. If you see water stains on your skylights, then most probably there's an air leak. Take a closer look by getting on your roof. Once you get on the roof, look for loose shingles, cracked roofing cement, and debris.

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