Nifty Home Improvement Resolutions for 2020

Dated: 12/19/2019

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Start the new year - and the new decade - right by fulfilling these pragmatic new year's resolutions for your home.

Declutter at the START of the year.

Putting off decluttering for a long time? Now's the time to do it! It's one of the best ways to make your home look fresh for the new year and decade. You can even begin decluttering after Christmas.

Declutter by clearing each room one-by-one of items you don't want or need. Donate old items to charity.


After you've decluttered your home and given all purged items to charity, take time to organize what's left. Arrange books, clothes, or food items in a certain order. and make labels for containers, cabinets, and drawers so that everything can be stored somewhere. Create labels to keep your home organized throughout the year.

Be more intentional when you shop for new home items.

Your home has to give you comfort and happiness. So, only buy purposeful items that you'll need and do away with meaningless purchases from flash sales at the mall.

Create systems to keep your home clean and organized throughout the year.

Jeff Campbell, author of the book "Speed Cleaning", suggests identifying and classifying chores according to how often you should be doing them: daily or weekly. Daily includes washing dishes and placing dirty clothes in the dryer. He also suggests cleaning your entire home every week, complete with a basket full of cleaning tools and liquids. Be efficient and enlist your family to help.

Make tidying easy.

Make tidying easy for the family by placing hooks, hangers, or basket near entryways around your home. 

Commit to putting everything back in place.

It seems easy to say but in reality, it's hard to do. Just remember, clutter makes your home look untidy and is stressful to deal with, once they pile up. Keeping your home tidy can also reduce stress and anxiety.

Check for health hazards around the home.

Have professionals inspect your home and see if you have dangerous gases and materials such as radon, lead-based paint, and asbestos flooring that may pose health hazards to you and your family. Buy a radon test kit for $20 to safeguard your home against this radioactive chemical that causes lung cancer. If your home was built before 1978, have it inspected to know if lead-based paint was used on its walls and asbestos on its flooring. Lastly, hire professionals to remove them carefully and safely.

Fireproof your home. 

Install fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors on every floor inside your home. Carbon monoxide detectors are relatively cheap at around $40.

Another way to fireproof your home is to install vents inside spaces that typically don't have windows, such as bathrooms and your attic. 

Display your family heritage.

Displaying family photos and memorabilia helps honor those that came before you and inspire future generations to continue their legacy. According to Dan Buettner, author of the book "The Blue Zones of Happiness: A Blueprint for a Better Life", honoring family through photos and memorabilia make people feel like they are "part of a continuum". They also function as meaningful conversation starters.   

Restore old furniture.

Make old furniture last more years by repainting them and updating their hardware. You can also buy old furniture online and refurbish them rather than buy brand new items.

Invest in gardening or planting.

Beautify the green spaces around your home. Having a well-kept lawn is nice, but tending to plants is even better. You can begin by digging up a compost pile. Invest in a vegetable patch to save up on food expenses. Gardening or planting can also help improve focus, calm the nervous system, lower stress levels and blood pressure. The more plants you have, the better your home's air quality will be.

Use fragrances around your home.

Using aromas can positively alter moods, so spraying fragrances will improve the ambiance around your home. Use a cinnamon oil-based spray near your front door to welcome guests with that homely feel, and lemon fragrance in your kitchen. Eucalyptus or tea tree oil works best in bathrooms. Lavender is a relaxing aroma that belongs in your bedrooms.

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