Real Estate 101 Radio Interviews Theissen Design Co.

Dated: 10/30/2019

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Do you ever look around your home and think "I want to change this room but I am not sure how"?  I recently had Tammy Theissen of Theissen Designs on the show to talk about how her company helps their clients make dreams come true!  

Don't let a kitchen stop you from buying a house that checks all of the boxes on your list.  Theissen Designs can help you do that too!  My team and I can pair you with a lender that will finance the renovation, Tammy can design and create your dream kitchen and we can negotiate a deal that makes this happen!  Call 785-213-5188 or email

Click here to hear the show and understand the process: Real Estate 101 Interviews Theissen Design Co

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Karey Brown

I am a real estate Broker and have been in business since 2002. I run a team "Preferred Advisors Team" and host a local radio show "Real Estate 101" that airs on Talk Radio 580AM WIBW @ 10 AM every S....

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