Seven Reasons Why Selling Your Home in Winter is Better than Spring or Summer

Dated: 11/20/2019

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Winter is a great time for buyers to purchase a home. But do you know that winter is also an ideal period to sell your home? Here are eight reasons why you should consider listing your homes for sale in this snowy season.


Less competition means more visibility.

A lot of people typically list their homes in spring or summer. That's when there's a large number of people looking for new homes. However, buyers may overlook your home because there's lots of competition.

It's better to sell during winter because your home will be more visible amidst the competition.

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You'll attract serious buyers.

Buyers searching for homes during winter are serious and willing to expedite the purchasing process, including financing. 

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Buyers have more money during this time.

A lot of people receive their year-end bonuses during winter. Retirees also receive their payouts this time of year. Therefore, people have more cash available they can use to buy a home. 

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Buyers are relocating because of their jobs.

During winter, you'll find a lot of buyers who are relocating because of their new jobs or job assignments. They have an urgent need to sell their homes immediately and buy new ones they can transfer to.


Real estate agents are raring to help you.

Real estate agents are naturally service-oriented but more so during winter, when they are trying to meet their year-end quota. You'll meet many agents who are more than willing to helping you out.

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Agents can focus on marketing your listing effectively.

The number of listings in winter is lower than the yearly average. This gives your agent more time to take on marketing initiatives that will help sell your home.


You can prepare your home for better showings.

During winter, homes tend to look and feel more inviting. Light up your fireplace during showings. The warm and toasty feeling in your home will appeal to prospective buyers.

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